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  • Three poems in Fesul Gair, (Gomer, 2014) an anthology of poems for students studying Welsh GCSE.

  • 'In the Chapel of the Spirit'. Article about R.S Thomas in Ed. Ali Anwar, Encounters with R.S., (H'mm Foundation, 2013). Twelve writers give their personal accounts of their relationship with the poet R.S.Thomas and his work.
  • Poems for R.S. A Centenary Celebration, (Hay Festival Press) 2013. Eleven writers respond to poems by R.S.Thomas to mark the centenary of his birth.
  • 'Everything Must Change', in Eds. John Osmond and Peter Finch 25/25 Vision. Welsh Horizons across 50 years, (Institute of Welsh Affairs) 2012, 31-35.
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  • “Resident Aliens; R.S.Thomas and the Anti-Modern Movement”: Welsh Writing in English, 7/2001-2 Ed. Tony Brown. Extended (8,000-word) critical study of R.S.Thomas as an anti-modern writer.
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  • The Bloodaxe Book of Modern Welsh Poetry, ed. John Rowlands and Menna Elfyn. Bloodaxe, 2003. Four poems and 11 translations in a major anthology of 20th Century Welsh-language poetry in English translation.





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