First solo English-language poetry volume

Grahame Davies's first solo poetry collection in English Lightning Beneath the Sea has been published by Seren Books

The book launch took place on the evening of July 20 at Waterstone's Bookshop in Cardiff.

The poet Peter Finch says of the volume:

“Check here for the meeting of form with freedom, for tradition and for avant garde and for examples of the kind of splendid literary shenanigans that only real poets can succeed at in a verse which melds two cultures into an exciting whole.”

And Bob Holman, founder of the Bowery Poetry Club in New York City, says:

“Because Grahame Davies forever makes the perfect imperfect sense, the smallest things exploding into God or Language or the Sea Itself. That’s the surprise of the poem, the ease of a great writer: that you don’t notice the lightning as it emerges from the depths, but what it illuminates. No need to answer. Read the poems. Grahame Davies is a known treasure in Welsh, and now we English-speakers get to share the wealth.”

Carol Rumens, choosing 'Departed' from the volume as her Poem of the Week in the Guardian newspaper, says:

'Davies is perhaps a religious poet, but he evades "organised" religion. His speakers quietly wait and watch, keeping a "less-deceived" eye on what is, and letting the observations move as they will to epiphany or moral insight. It may be far-fetched to think a primarily Welsh writer could be influenced by Philip Larkin, but Larkin is the poet he most reminds me of: a writer not afraid of the big themes, but not pretentious about them, and not afraid of the ordinary, but alert to the measure of its significance.'

Sheenagh Pugh, reviewing the volume on her blog, says:

'Davies has a real flair for coining sharp, pithy phrases that get to the nub of the matter. He is a thoughtful, meditative, serious poet and well worth reading. What I think he most needs to be is less tidy.'







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